I would like to just say that this has been the most unusual Winter so far.. With COVID hitting us all in many different ways. Each and every one of us have had to adapt to different circumstances as they arise. Which can I say , I have been one of those people. I have been very busy just making Autumn creations for my stockist THE SERVICE DEPOT in Wellington. I have been very slow to connect to my Winter garments but felt that everybody needs a Winter Coat . I LOVE my Coats and Jackets.. They just change everything. BUT AT LAST I have something to show you ... The Winter photography shoot was just the best . The day was completely misty, the light was amazing and the beautiful photographe


Winter has hit and I am frantically making new warm Wool Coats with that MASAMI point of difference. My coats are all ONE ONLY ,as I have committed to using the cloth that I have already have in my Studio/Workspace. This makes each garment a very unique and interesting timeless garment . Totally sustainable and an art piece in themselves. There is only one thing ,as of yet there are no fabulous photos of these creations . For this I do apologise, I am working as hard as I can to cut and make and get them up for you to see If you are in Wellington please visit the girls at THE SERVICE DEPOT , as that is where they are. I have just sent down 2 new Black wool Raglan Coats which will be instor

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